Featured DO-CMS Websites

CITEM-DTI Catalog Online

Developed in 2005, the Catalog Online website is a portal/directory of Philippine export companies. The site allows the member companies to manage their own listings and features an on-line payment and a 3D virtual exhibit. The site averages over 40,000 unique visitors per month from all over the world.


Free Prizes

By far the most complex deployment of DO-CMS to date. This website's features include a fully automated lottery system, multiple domains/websites hosted on a central CMS, shopping cart/e-commerce store, payment gateway integration, newsletter engine, and plenty more.


ePLDT Ventus

The Ventus website provides a classic example of a DO-CMS Enterprise Edition deployment. Built solidly around the standard DO-CMS engine, it features several custom-made modules, a number of multi-media features and CMS-editable flash content.


Dayo Dental

US-based Dayo Global Medical Network opted for DO-CMS to power its website for it ease of use and customizability. The site features online forms integrated with SalesForce.com.


Cultural Center of the Philippines

The CCP Website showcases how the standard features of DO-CMS can be utilized to its fullest. The CMS not only powers HTML but also Flash content while the standard calendar of events is used to its fullest by displaying the regular performances in this iconic Philippine landmark.