Enterprise Edition

For organizations requiring more features and functionalities DO-CMS Enterprise Edition is the solution. DO-CMS EE is built over the "standard" DO-CMS versions and customized to the client's specifications.

DO-CMS EE is ideal for:

  • Organizations with existing IT systems that it requires to be integrated with its web presence.
    • Integration to CRM such as SalesForce, SugarCRM or internally developed systems
    • Integration with ERP, Accounting, Inventory or other business applications
    • Integration with existing Web applications such as e-commerce or e-learning engines 
  • Organizations with their own web servers and wish to have their sites hosted internally.
  • Organizations with unique and specific requirements for their website. 
    • Flash-heavy or pure flash websites but with CMS capabilities
    • Web-dependent/web-focused businesses (i.e. web portals, social networks, e-commerce stores, on-line games) 

DO-CMS EE is quoted on the length and breadth of the customization required, the skill sets involved and the timeframe of delivery.

DO-CMS EE projects are warrantied for one year from the formal turnover of the project.

*DO-CMS EE is available in the standard LAMP version or in Microsoft IIS7/.NET/MS SQL 2008 format.

For more information please contact us and an account executive willl get back to you within 24 hours.