Hosted Edition

DO-CMS Hosted Edition is the ideal website management system for micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs). It is specificallly designed for the use of small businesses who do not have dedicated IT personnel to develop and maintain a website. Along with the content management system to maintain the website, subscribers will have generous and reliable web and email hosting as well as access to services such as content development assistance and search engine optimization.

DO-CMS HE is available via a base subscription rate of just US$ 30.00 per month* and comes with the following:

  • Customize Design and Layout
    • Choose from three design studies
  • DO-CMS Standard Features
    • Unlimited web pages
    • Theme/layout manager
    • Calendar of Events
    • Photo Gallery/Product catalog module
    • Newsletter Engine
    • And More...
  • Web and Email Hosting with 99.9% uptime
    • 20GB Web space
    • 20 Email Addresses (or avail of FREE Google Apps Integration)
    • FTP Access
    • Web-based Email/POP3/IMAP
    • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Technical Support via Email

Subscribers to the system can avail of additional services on a per request basis or as a regular monthly service:

  • Content development - We will help provide and develop articles or even multi-media content for your site.
    • Assist in content research and website data population
    • Develop regular articles/features
    • Flash presentation/game development
    • Image and Video Editing
    • Podcast/Audio editing
  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing - We can assist in improving your web traffic through various SEO and Web Marketing techniques.
  • Custom module development - We can provide unique/custom-made modules/applications that can be integrated to the CMS.
  • E-Commerce Upgrade - Upgrade your subscription to include our user friendly e-commerce engine.

For more information please contact us and an account executive willl get back to you within 24 hours.


*Two year subscription contract