History of DO-CMS

DO-CMS has been under continuous development by EACOMM Corporation since 2003. It was principally designed as a basic Content Management System that EACOMM can customize quickly for its web development clients. From the start, the primary focus was simplicity and ease of use as the target market of MSMEs do not have the web development experience to maintain a complex, dynamic website. Through the years, this stand alone version of DO-CMS has evolved significantly and has been customized heavily to power flash websites, e-commerce stores, and high traffic multi-domain portal sites.

In 2006, DO-CMS had its first major upgrade. This included upgrading the source code and database as well as repairing security, cross-browser, and standards-compliance issue. This culminated in the 4th Quarter of 2006 when The DO-CMS engine was converted into a single hosted solution wherein multiple clients can be included as 'subscribers' to the system. The basic idea for DO-CMS Hosted Edition is to have one centralized back-end where EACOMM can add modules, debug, and improve the software and all clients will benefit from it. This also simplified support and maintenance as well as greatly reduced development and deployment time. The reduced development time meant significant cost savings for the clients and consequently the DO-CMS user base increased dramatically.

By late 2008, the newest addition to the DO-CMS product family was born with the release of the Open Source DO-CMS Community Edition.  DO-CMS CE provides all the standard feature offerings of DO-CMS and will be the test bed for new modules and system features. It is downloadable absolutely free with limited support and assistance provided by EACOMM Corporation and its partner developers through the DO-CMS project website in sourceforge.net.