DO-CMS is currently offered in three different editions:

DO-CMS Community Edition:

The Community Edition is a free to download and use, open source version of DO-CMS. It's utilized as the test bed for new modules and features of DO-CMS and as such tend to have even more modules and features than the other editions. However, support for the installation, use and customization of the Community Edition is very limited, if any.

DO-CMS Hosted Edition:

The Hosted Edition is the ideal website management system for micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs). The Hosted Edition comes with free web hosting and email as well as continuous support. Using a subscription payment model, DO-CMS Hosted Edition provides the client a fully customized website with a powerful CMS at a monthly subscription cost starting at just US$ 30.00/month!

DO-CMS Enterprise Edition:

For SME's and Enterprises requiring more features and functionality. DO-CMS Enterprise Edition is a stand-alone, customized application built around the standard DO-CMS engine. DO-CMS EE can be intergrated with existing information systems or expanded to offer other business functionalities such as inventory management, accounting, HR/Payroll, and more!

White Labeled DO-CMS:

Build your web development business fast by using our white labeled hosted or enterprise editions and leave all the  technical and production headeaches with us.